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WOT celebrates 10 million downloads

WOT is celebrating another milestone in our remarkable history – 10 million downloads! Since the add-on was first released back in September 2006, we have become the largest community-powered reputation rating system on the Web, surpassing our biggest competitor by more than 10 times the ratings in an average week.

Thanks to all our dedicated, active community members for working to boost trust on the Web. People all over the world are benefiting from the ratings you have given to over 26 million websites.

For those of you who like graphs, here’s what our growth looked like these past years: WOT downloads

To show you where WOT is distributed, we looked at the numbers from one day’s log file. This is the distribution in the top 15 countries: Unique add-ons per country

Thanks again for the 10 million downloads, and we look forward to reaching more and more people in the future.

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