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WOT unveils new website and invites you to celebrate with us!

Since WOT was formed in 2006, we have evolved into a community of 12 million trustworthy members with almost 30 million websites rated. Each month our hard working community adds nearly a million new sites to the reputation database, which helps protect web users across the globe. We are extremely proud of the work the WOT community does!

WOT Services as a company has grown, and we are working with other companies, big and small, to boost trust across the web. Many independent developers have used the WOT API to create other programs that extend our mission even further.

Today, we launch a new look for our website which reflects the strength, professionalism and global reach of the WOT community and team. We would like you all to share our enthusiasm for what we have accomplished together. Here are a few things we are doing:

Job well-done photos

How do you reward yourselves for a job well-done? Do you treat yourself with chocolate, or buy a new pair of shoes, have a night out or sing your favorite song out loud? Whatever you do to pat yourself on the back, please do it in the next few days and celebrate with us! Take a few photos and share them on WOT’s Facebook page.

Cheers! in every language

Let´s toast to the new website. How do you say "Cheers" in your own language?” In Finnish it’s hölökynkölökyn.

Wherever you are in the World videos

Our community is spread across the world, and we’d like to hear from you (and see you too!) So grab your smart phone or video camera and shoot a "Wherever you are in the World" video. Include something like this, "Wherever you are in the world, take WOT with you, for safe surfing (shopping and searching) on the web. Greetings from (fill in the blank.) Show us wherever in the world you are, just like I did last month when WOT visited Silicon Valley. Share them on WOT’s Facebook page.

2010 WOT Community Survey

We are collecting your opinions about WOT and a bit of information about our user community, so we can improve your safe surfing experience and get to know you better. Please take a few minutes of your time to answer some questions for us.

The 2010 WOT Community Survey is open for a week beginning Friday, June 11th and ending Friday, June 18th. Thanks to all who participate in the survey.

Click here to start the 2010 WOT Community Survey.

Make sure to visit www.mywot.com to check out our new website! You´ll find a sleek new look, better organization, newly designed WOT Trust Seals and more. Let us know what you think.

Note: There may be a few bugs to work out in the next few days, but don’t fear, if it’s broken now, it will be fixed.


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