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WOT CEO Vesa Perälä appears on the leading Finnish morning show

WOT’s CEO Vesa Perälä made a recent appearance on the leading Finnish morning show “Huomenta Suomi “ (Good Morning, Finland) on channel MTV3. He spoke about WOT’s mission to boost trust on the web, making a number of great points about the risks that web surfers face today.

The risks on the web concerns all Internet user groups. Whether they’ll affect you solely depends on how you use the Internet, not, for example, on your age. Internet users of all ages need to be equally cautious.

The Internet is full of fake websites that only exist to cheat. Often they are well designed and professional looking, therefore impossible for a regular Internet user to identify as fake.

People cannot be solely dependent on automated technology, like antivirus protection, to protect them because even the best software can’t spot online dangers such as bad customer experiences or inappropriate content for kids. This is where the human perspective of WOT is essential. Vesa pointed out that the WOT community of millions is doing quite a lot in the important area of reputation rating and this information works well in a layered approach to online security.

WOT also helps protect web surfers’ privacy. As Vesa reminded: Once you put your information on the web, it tends to stay there. Don’t give any information about yourself unless you know what it’s being used for.

The interview was conducted in Finnish and the video is available for viewing only in Finland. Watch Huomenta Suomi: Interview with WOT CEO Vesa Perälä.

Huomenta Suomi

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