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Epic, the World’s First Indian Browser Partners with WOT for Safe Surfing

Epic browserWeb of Trust (WOT), the leading community-based safe surfing tool, and Indian startup company Hidden Reflex have partnered together on the first ever web browser from India called Epic. Epic has a wide range of features designed to attract Indian web users including an industry first; pre-installed protection with the WOT reputation rating tool and antivirus software.

“We used add-ons to the Mozilla browser which we thought should inherently be part of any browser. WOT is one of the most important because it warns users when they’re about to visit a potentially dangerous website," says Tejas Vyas, chief technical head at Hidden Reflex.

The free Epic browser is meant for the typical Indian internet user. Epic supports a dozen Indian languages and incorporates a content sidebar that consolidates news headlines, TV, social media and other Indian-centric features.

Thirty-seven percent of India’s 80 million people surfing the internet access the web through cybercafes. Downloading music and video, online gaming and shopping are all gaining in popularity, especially with younger users.

“Indian web users trust the idea of internet shopping but they don’t trust Indian online shops. The marketplace portals, which connect sellers and buyers, have become a medium for scams. The Epic browser, with WOT integrated, will improve the safety of the browsing experience by warning users of scam sites, “ says Vesa Perälä, CEO of WOT Services.

Download the browser for free at www.epicbrowser.com

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