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Announcing the new WOT help center


The goal of WOT is to be simple to use for any web user. However, we do get questions occasionally concerning the use of the WOT add-on, rating principles and reputations. “What to do if my site is misrated?”, “Does the system slow down my browsing?” and “How does the system rate subdomains?” are among the frequently asked questions.

Find answers to your questions in the WOT help center

To help you overcome your questions, we’re releasing a new help center. Use the simple search function, check the top questions or browse through the different categories to find the information you’re looking for. Please feel free to test it at and leave your comments below!

Help needed for translations

To be able to offer help to all WOT users around the world in their own language, we are looking for volunteer community members to help us in translations. Is your native language one of those that WOT supports (Czech, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish)? If you would like to help us translating the frequently asked questions, contact us at translations@mywot.com.

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