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WOT welcomes two millionth registered user

2 million registered users

On the International Data Privacy Day, 28th of January 2011, the WOT community reached its 2 millionth registered user. This proves that the first million really is the most difficult to earn: the milestone of one million registered was reached only a year ago in January 2010. We warmly welcome the 2 millionth registered user and the 1,999,999 who registered before!

The registered users go the extra mile to boost online trust in the WOT community of 17 million users. As each web user that has downloaded the WOT add-on is entitled to leave their ratings on websites that they know and have visited, registered users can also leave their comments on scorecards and participate in discussion on the WOT forum.

Comments bring valuable information

Comments on WOT scorecards bring valuable additional information to other users of a site although they do not have effect on a site’s reputation. Especially if your rating is negative or differs from the current reputation, it is advisable to give reasons to your rating by leaving a comment. Comments that are truthful, informative and include verifiable evidence if possible, are of real value to other WOT users.

Share your interest on the forum

As a registered user, you can participate in discussions on the WOT forum. The WOT forum is the place for site owners to meet the community. When a site owner wants a site to be rated or has concerns about a site’s reputation, we advise them to open a thread on the forum and to ask active members to review the site. On the forum you can also share your interest and views about website ratings, security and online safety.

Each journey starts with one step. If you are a WOT user, you have already taken the first step towards a safer Internet. When registering, you’re already on the road. Welcome aboard!

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