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WOT goes social – Preview the beta version now!

Social networking – on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere – is a big part of what people are doing daily on the internet. Social media allows messages to spread far and fast and become popular, even viral. When the messages come from someone that you know and trust, it’s often perceived as safe. Put these factors together, and you’ve got a very tempting target for scammers and hackers. Typically, a scammer takes over an account and uses it to spread links which are contaminated, lead to phishing or malicious sites, or intend to capture more accounts.

Wouldn’t it be great to know, from the very first glimpse, if the links your Facebook friends are sending you can be trusted?

As useful as shortened URLs are when the amount of characters are limited, like on Twitter, they come with a risk: It’s difficult to know where the random mix of characters of a URL redirects the user.

Wouldn’t it be great to know, from the very first glimpse, if the shortened URLs your Twitter followers are sending you can be trusted?

You are invited to try WOT for Social Media

The WOT developers have worked hard to solve these problems and our new version of WOT, with additional protection for social media, will bring WOT reputation icons to links

The new WOT version will be released in a few weeks for general WOT users and newcomers. But because you are reading this, we consider you our "Power Users" and this is a special invitation for you to download the beta version for a sneak peek. The beta of WOT for social media is available for Firefox only. Be quick as there’s only 1000 preview downloads available!

Download the beta version of WOT for Social Media now

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