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Safe Surfing Tool Web of Trust Sued over Community Warnings

As some of you already know, ten Internet companies based in Florida, US, have filed a lawsuit against WOT Services, the provider of the safe surfing tool Web of Trust. The companies are requesting WOT to remove ratings and comments related to them. WOT is accused of defamation, violating rights, conspiracy and manipulating algorithms. WOT believes the case is completely baseless and has suggested dismissing the case in the court of justice in Florida.

The lawsuit indicates that WOT ratings are taken very seriously both among the Internet users and website owners. This further highlights the importance of rating and commenting on web sites objectively and based on real experiences. WOT is already considered as one of the best tools to fight fraud on the Internet and we continue to further improve it together with our community. So keep up the great work and continue the battle against all the bad stuff out there.

Read the press release about the law case.

If you wish to help us to cover the legal costs, you can make a contribution to WOT.

Safe surfing,

Vesa P.

Update (Dec 2011): The case was dismissed!

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