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How can businesses use the reputation data

How do you make money with a service that doesn’t cost a penny to its end-user is a question that we often hear when telling people about the concept of WOT.

Especially in the online environment, the answer can be complex. In WOT’s case, it is the reputation data as the recently published deal with Facebook shows.

How does it work?

While millions of users rate websites with the WOT add-on, the reputation database collects unique information on which sites can be trusted on the web. Users get the data back in the form of traffic-light style icons that help them to do informed decisions on which sites to trust. As users participate in creating the service, they get it for free. That’s a fair deal.

However, the money has to come from somewhere in order to keep the service running.

How can businesses benefit from the reputation data?

Trust is an essential component of all human pursuit, including business. Consumers and companies tend to seek and prefer products and services they know to be trustworthy, both offline and online. Those that can provide them with trustworthy experience, will have a cutting edge in the industry.

The WOT data is a concrete way for multiple industries to help their customers achieve what they want. Whether is about assorting information, facilitating decision making, or improving existing offering, the WOT data helps businesses to enhance their customers’ experiences and increase customer satisfaction by bringing in trust.

The data is available for businesses through diverse licensing options and tailored embedded services.

Who uses the reputation data and how?

From Facebook to start-ups, companies of different kind use the data from providing extra level of security to website validation. Take a look at our new business page for use cases.

We’ll soon have more partnerships to reveal and will keep you in the loop.

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