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New social features to WOT

Registered users can share their experiences on the web by leaving comments on scorecards and participating in forum discussions. These users are extremely valuable to us, and therefore we want to make it very easy for all WOT users to register. Using tools from our partner Facebook, we have implemented the following features:

Easy registration with a Facebook account


You may now register to WOT using your existing Facebook account. Click "Login/Register" at the top of the page and instead of creating an account, click the “Login with Facebook” button. You’ll need to allow us to access some of your information that you have given to Facebook, but don’t worry, we only ask for information that we absolutely need. Please see below for more detailed privacy issues. Once you’ve logged in with Facebook, you’ll need to select a user name and a password for WOT, and you’re done.

One-click login

If you already have a WOT user account, you can connect it with your Facebook profile easily.  Begin by clicking on your user name at the top right hand side of any WOT page, go to "Edit Profile" and click the "Login with Facebook" button. You can deauthorize the connection from the same location at any time.

Share your comments with friends

The comments you leave on scorecards bring valuable information to other WOT users. How about informing your Facebook friends at the same time? Once leaving a comment, you can choose to share your comment on Facebook, and your comment will appear on your wall and on your friends’ news feed. This is an opt-in feature, and you will be asked to opt-in each time you do it. WOT will not post anything on your wall automatically.


How about privacy?

In order for the new features to work, we will need to ask you to give us the following permissions:

  • Access to basic information – so we can populate your profile information.
  • Send email – all WOT user accounts require an email address and we must request your email address from Facebook to connect the two accounts.
  • Post to Wall – so that you can post scorecard comments to your wall. This is opt-in each time you do it.
  • Offline access, which mean that you can post your comments to your Facebook wall even if you are not logged in to Facebook. As mentioned, posting comments on your wall is opt-in and we will not post comments automatically.

Needless to say: We will not pass your information to third parties.

We invite all WOT users to register! It took five years to reach the first million, one to reach the second. Let’s hit three million… next month?

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