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WOT to reach 30 million downloads

WOT to hit 30 million downloads

Get your champagne or popcorn (or both, if you wish) ready, and find yourself a comfortable position in front of your screen. Open the front page of mywot.com, and wait: the counter’s soon about to hit 30 million downloads!

Be as cool as the snowman – get a WOT hat!


We at the WOT HQ are extremely excited about reaching this milestone. To make the moment a bit more special, we decided to give out WOT hats to our users who make the growth possible by sharing our story and recommending WOT.

If you want to be as cool as the snowman, send email to snowman@mywot.com, and include your postal address*. We’ll raffle 20 hats** among participants on Thursday the 12th, 10 a.m. UCT+2.

Thanks for recommending WOT and helping the community to grow!

*We’ll only use your information to send the hats to the winners, and obviously won’t share the information with anyone.

**Colors vary.

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