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Suomi24, Finland’s largest online social networking site, protects its users with Web of Trust


Finland’s largest online social networking site Suomi24 (“Finland24”), visited by 1,3 million Finns weekly, starts protecting its users with Web of Trust. Users of Suomi24 will see WOT’s intuitive traffic light icons after links on user discussions, showing which sites are trustworthy according to user ratings.

“Protecting the safety of our users with the best tools available is the number one priority to us. With WOT’s traffic lights guiding their clicking decisions, our users can also stay safe from online threats that automated technology solutions miss, such as phishing, scams, and unreliable content. We’re excited about our cooperation with WOT – we share similar goals and approaches to improving the Internet”, says director Jarno Alastalo from Suomi24.

“WOT’s traffic lights show at one sight which sites are trusted by our users and help Suomi24 users make informed decisions on what sites to use. WOT and Suomi24 both help web users to share knowledge and exchange information for the basis of their own opinions,” says Vesa Perälä, CEO of WOT.

About Suomi24

Suomi24 is the meeting place for all Finns. It is an online community where people debate and network, meet and fall in love, buy and sell, and keep in touch. With 3,2 million visitors monthly and 2,1 million registered users, Suomi24 is Finland’s largest social networking site.

We welcome all Suomi24 users to join WOT’s community-powered protection!

Visit Suomi24 and see the WOT donuts here (in Finnish only).

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