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WOT is celebrating 100.000.000 downloads!

We are gladly announcing that WOT reached the milestone of 100 million downloads. Last fall we were reaching 50 million downloads, so we managed to double them within a year. The credit for this achievement goes to all of you who support and trust us. Without you all we wouldn’t be getting such a great number as 1.6M ratings per month or over million new sites rated to our database .


Last year was also full of new adventures for WOT – we introduced our new version of our service and at the same time we came closer to your mobile devices by cooperating with Opera for the Coast by Opera browser for the iPad. Of course, our hard work doesn’t stop here. We are aiming at the top: to become the highest quality website review and reputation service and for this, we are asking your help.

At a time when website security is questionable and new malicious websites pop out every day, WOT with its crowd-sourced approach tries to fight this by working with its strong community. WOT differs on the fact that it can detect threats which only humans can find (such as scam or fraudulent webstores). WOT community is about people who share the same vision with us, they all want to make internet a better place. Such a round number of downloads is also a great opportunity to get to know our community members closer and get to know their motivations for using WOT.

What I like most in WOT is that it is crowd-sourced. It allows end-users to protect themselves by reporting activity, both good and bad, that they encounter on their daily journey on the Internet.” – GURBL

I was pleased that it draws from several databases which it considers "trusted sources" to weight the scores. I was surprised that it had solved crowd-sourcing fakery by determining members’ own reliability. And it didn’t bog down my browsers. OK, that’s cool. Volunteers? No money under the table? A global forum with rules of mutual respect? I’m in”. – Greg Lauver

To celebrate this great achievement, we are going to give away 10 unique WOT mousepads to 10 lucky users. In order to participate in the draw, you only have to leave a comment under this post until the end of the month (30/11/2013). The winners will be announced on our blog on December 3rd.

Thank you for helping us in our fight to make the internet a better place and thanks for your trust to us.

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