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Something great just happened

Noticed anything interesting on our front page? Not…? Look again!

The counter just passed 60 million downloads!!!!

A year ago about this same time we reached 30 million downloads, so in twelve months WOT has doubled its downloads.


Users come from everywhere. Some time ago we made a poll and asked you to guess where you think WOT would NOT have any users. Most of you guessed North Korea, but that was incorrect. WOT does have users in North Korea, in East Timor, in Nauru, as well as in the Vatican. One of the very few places without any WOT users is Tuvalu, a small Polynesian island nation located in the Pacific Ocean. So, if any of you know anyone in Tuvalu, please ask them to download WOT. We want Tuvaluan people in the community too!

Earlier this month WOT also reached another important milestone: 40 million rated sites. That means a lot of work for the community. 40 million rated sites is a great achievement and please keep up the work: rate sites that don’t have a rating yet, and also sites that do have a rating to increase the confidence of their reputation. Your ratings helps other people from landing on an untrustworthy sites and get the best out of the World Wide Web.

Thank you, dear community, for helping achieve these two important milestones!

Also read the press release Web of Trust Hits 60 Million Downloads Milestone.

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