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WOT reached 80 million downloads!


80 million downloads and over 42 million rated sites. These are beautiful numbers and as WOT is a crowdsourced service, all the credit goes to you – the WOT community – new and old users!

WOT Services – the company – is a group of people with a vision to make the Internet a safer place for all. Luckily the vision is so strong that millions of people have decided to contribute to it by taking the time to rate sites, share their experiences and leave explanatory comments to help other people make informed decisions whether to trust a site or not. Just think about it: WOT receives over 1 million new ratings per month and over 300.000 new sites are rated on a monthly basis by the community.

In case you’re interested in the Top Level Domain (TLD) distribution of all the ratings since 2006, here’s some high-level statistics:

Distribution of absolute numbers of all user ratings

  • TLDs with biggest amount of positive ratings are .com, .de, .org, .net and .uk
  • TLDs with biggest amount of negative ratings are .com, .ru, .cn, .info, .net

So, .com is the most common and the most rated TLD with the highest amount of user ratings in absolute numbers.

However, when you look at a single TLD and its ratings, and compare the share of positive and negative ratings, the list of top TLDs changes:

  • TLDs with biggest percentage of positive ratings: .gov, .edu, .int, .fi, .cu
  • TLDs with biggest percentage of poor ratings: .pw, .tl, .io, .sh, .asia.

Looks like people tend to trust .gov, .edu and .int types of TLDs which in general represent an organization rather than a commercial company.  You may also find interesting that there are some TLDs of small countries that do get quite a lot of poor ratings and the question is whether they are popular among people with questionable purposes.

In case you haven’t noticed, you can find more WOT community related statistics here. Also, a list of TLDs can be found here.

The whole WOT team thanks all WOT users for their dedication and support. There will be many interesting news coming up in the near future, so stay tuned!



WOT team


P.S. Guess what is the highest number of ratings received during one day this year (including all ratings from all users in just one day)?

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