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WOT and Adguard enter a partnership agreement

    Adguard, a commercial ad and pop-up blocker that supports all major browsers, recently announced the integration of WOT reputation data into its Internet filtering system.

      What this means in practice is that Adguard shows a warning when a user is about to enter a site that has poor reputation based on the experiences of the WOT community. Adguard users are also offered more detailed information about the site’s reputation and reviews written by other users. Additionally, if an Adguard user wishes to get the full benefits of the WOT add-on, he or she can download WOT together with the Adguard software.

      Adguard is a highly popular European web filtering software that protects web users against annoying ads, phishing, and malicious websites. This partnership is one more step towards building a safer web for all!

      If you’re not familiar with Adguard yet, take a tour and check how it works.

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