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WOT is a Mozilla recommended add-on

Firefox fans worldwide look to Mozilla’s add-ons to pimp out their browser. Each month, the crème of the crop gets a place on the esteemed Mozilla recommended add-ons list. In July, WOT has been on that list, basking in the glow of Firefox 3 fever and welcoming a flood of new users. In fact, we expect over 300,000 downloads this month!

You can help us retain this desirable position by doing a few things right now.

  1. Go to the Mozilla recommended add-ons WOT page and give WOT a positive rating and review (right side of the screen)
  2. Send an email or text message asking your friends, coworkers, classmates and family members to download WOT from http://www.mywot.com/download

Thank you Mozilla for selecting WOT for the recommended add-ons list and thank you WOT users for your continued support and enthusiasm.

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