Launching WOT’s New Blog!

The MyWOT blog has gotten a facelift! As we continue with our promised improvements to WOT’s products and website, we wanted to improve your content experience with a clean and intuitive layout.

Farewell old blog!
The old blog template was with us for many years, and while it was as dependable as an old Volvo, it wasn’t very easy on the eyes or simple to maintain “under the hood”. Here are some farewell images of the old blog. It will be missed! (but not too badly)
old blog layout for WOT
Hello new blog!
The introduction of our new blog not only is in line with the clean layout we are giving the site, but it is also a strategic move that will help us achieve three goals at once: making the content we share more attractive to our readers, easier to share on social media and conducive for SEO.
In the new blog layout, comments are not made with your username, meaning that anyone is free to submit a comment. If you want your WOT username to appear in your comment, you can sign with it at the end of your comment or even copy a link to your profile at the end of your comment.

New blog layout from WOT

Do you want to share content with WOT?
We welcome all suggestions and recommendations for blog and social media content! Feel free to add your suggestions to this discussion thread:
We hope you enjoy the new blog!

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