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Now with PhishTank

WOT collects data from hundreds of information sources in addition to user testimonies in order to quickly respond to emerging threats. Today, we are happy to announce that WOT now includes data from PhishTank when computing website reputations.


PhishTank is a collaborative clearing house for data and information about phishing on the Internet. Started in October 2006, it already provides information for thousands of phishing sites, each verified by an active user community.

We would like to thank OpenDNS and the people at PhishTank for their contribution to web safety. The data from PhishTank is a valuable addition to WOT and we believe it will help protect our users better by improving our response time and coverage of new phishing incidents. WOT currently knows nearly 11 million websites, with approximately 6% of them considered untrustworthy.

Check out the PhishTank blog for further information.

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