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How to encrypt files on a mac

How to encrypt files on a Mac

This post was created as a follow-up to the very popular post we published on how to encrypt your files on a PC. One of the problems

WOT back on Chrome Web Store

We’re back!

Dear users, WOT is and always has been about protecting users from dangerous sites and the threats they pose. After taking the WOT add-on off

how to encrypt files on a pc

How to encrypt files on your PC

As we hear about more companies upgrading their security, we hear a lot about encryption. Whatsapp provided end-to-end encryption in April and Facebook just released

biggest hacks in 2016

The 8 biggest cybersecurity hacks of 2016

2016 is a record-breaking year for cybersecurity fails. They range from embarrassing slip-ups to dangerous information leaks that could financially affect an entire country. The danger with