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WOT and LegitScript Partner to Protect Web Users from Rogue Online Pharmacies

Web of Trust (WOT), the leading community-based safe surfing tool, and LegitScript, the world's largest online pharmacy verification program, have announced a partnership to help WOT users identify trustworthy prescription drug websites and avoid fraudulent ones.

LegitScript logoThe cooperation between the two companies will give WOT users an additional layer of security by identifying Internet pharmacies that are appropriately certified to sell prescription drugs. LegitScript will also supply information about prescription drug and pharmacy websites designated as "rogue" (acting in violation of drug safety laws, such as the sale of counterfeit drugs.) Visitors to LegitScript.com will be able to add their ratings and comments about legitimate and illicit Internet prescription drug websites easily to the WOT reputation scorecards.

Vesa Perala, CEO of WOT Services said, “WOT aims to boost trust on the web while protecting our 11 million users from sites that are untrustworthy, unreliable and possibly illegal. LegitScript helps our community to identify trustworthy prescription drug websites and avoid fraudulent ones.”

John Horton, President of LegitScript.com said, "Internet users are a tremendously important source of information about whether a website meets our standards, or is acting fraudulently and unsafely. Partnering with companies like WOT gives our users an additional voice in helping to keep the Internet safe."

Read the Press Release here

(Edit: May 13. LegitScript wrote about the Web of Trust partnership in their blog, http://www.legitscript.com/blog/121 . We are proud to be partners with a company whose goal is to keep Internet users safe.)


  1. User picture
    • c۞g on Wed 12 May 2010
    • 03:38:36 PM UTC


    Congratulations! To both WOT and LegitScript
    (almost one year to the day)

    I'm sure with cooperative efforts, people desiring to seek medications or herbal remedies online will be able to discover whether or not the site they are visiting is legitimate, safe, and offers genuine products.

    Many people may wonder who is LegitScript, or specifically, who is John Horton; there is a small article on Wikipedia for the curious.

    Concerning the Wiki, I've updated the Trusted Sources page.

    WOT Services Ltd. - gives us safety through Web of Trust.
    WOT Community - gives us security through unity.
    Thank you all
    - G7W

  2. User picture
    • ziqewx on Fri 14 May 2010
    • 08:04:33 PM UTC


    The amount of "bad" Online Pharmacies is what keeps many people from discovering the benefits of buying these things online. This really is a step in the right direction!

  3. User picture
    • benstiller on Mon 17 May 2010
    • 10:35:20 AM UTC

    right partnering with a liars that claims themselves to be gods


    Just to know who is legitscript

    trust in legistrcipt is the same as trust in explanation of us government about war in Iraq. just because big guy wants us to think so

    No legitscipt. i'd rather trust pharmacychecker who is more or less doing somehting

    • User picture
      • Sami on Mon 17 May 2010
      • 05:43:07 PM UTC

      Re: right partnering with a liars

      So, are you in the online pharmacy business by any chance?

      • User picture
        • benstiller on Sat 22 May 2010
        • 11:16:36 AM UTC


        i'm a customer of centralux (indian drug sellers from cyprus) on a regular basis and must say all meds they deliver are real drugs made in india yes they are not "genuine" but they works and works equally to those expensive brand name meds. i understand that people are tired from spammers but spammers are not overseas sellers but just affiliates if you see normal whitehat site on google that leads to centralux billing its safe to buy there . if you care baout online doctors and prescriptions go to real pharmacy and real hospital. buing drugs on internet is allowed only when you know what you are doing and know all dosage, ,etc. ppl do not mix legal aspects and quality of foreign drugs. there are other countries in the world except USA and USA is a small part of the planet. USA has not rights to claim others to be not legit because they do not conform to us law. think logically

        • User picture
          • Petralein on Tue 25 May 2010
          • 05:31:39 PM UTC

          Buying online pharmacies

          Buying online pharmacies from strange sites is risky, even when you claim, you know what you do. You can't, because nobody knows what is inside the drug.



    • User picture
      • c۞g on Tue 18 May 2010
      • 08:26:05 PM UTC


      Will "verify" anyone who pays them to.
      This is the only plausible reason that they result with so many prescription / pharmacy affiliates who pay 30 - 50 percent sales as affiliate "fee."

      This is also why PharmacyChecker.com is NOT recognized by The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy - NABP
      NABP recognizes that some non-accredited Internet pharmacies may be operating legitimately. Of those entities that approve non-accredited Internet pharmacies, LegitScript.com is the only one that adheres to NABP - recognized standards.
      source: Consumer Protection: Buying Medicine Online

      online-pharmacy-and-prescription-drug-review.com - whois
      hides their whois identity, yet on site they directly announce they are PharmaChecker.com
      Interesting how this "trust us" site hides...

      Resources you and PharmaChecker should be aware of:
      The Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act - became LAW 15OCT2009

      American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics
      Boston University School of Law
      Searching for Safety: Addressing Search Engine, Website, and Provider Accountability for Illicit Online Drug Sales - PDF (508KB)
      Bryan A. Liang & Tim Mackey
      read it

      Let's snag 1 entry from PharmacyChecker's online pharmacy page:

      selfserverx.com - scorecard | LegitScript - is part of the MLM (prescription) affiliate network: kwikmed.com - scorecard | LegitScript - which is owned and operated by a group of "investors" known as: Phoenix Capital Management
      phxcapital.com - scorecard | domain dossier
      These people are not doctors, or pharmacists, or have any medical training, yet they operate online pharmacies that claim to be Licensed to prescribe online. That's not the same as licensed to fill prescription; only doctors can prescribe. These sites have you fill out a "questionnaire" and they prescribe from that; both unethical and illegal.

  4. User picture
    • jackconly on Fri 21 May 2010
    • 04:53:06 PM UTC

    LegitScript and Canada

    This site is completely useless for anyone who is interested in ordering from legitimate, licensed pharmacies abroad to save money. Legitscript only approves of U.S. based pharmacies, and lists all others as "unapproved." It states that on its website. In esssence, it's little more than a ploy to promote U.S. web pharmacies while trying to lock out lower cost licensed competitors abroad. Web of Trust should make this clear, or it's hard to keep trusting the service.

    • User picture
      • Sami on Mon 24 May 2010
      • 04:07:37 PM UTC

      Re: LegitScript and Canada

      LegitScript is one source among others. In the end, reputations are determined by our users.

  5. User picture
    • bilipage on Sun 23 May 2010
    • 04:57:47 PM UTC

    some words about LEGITSCRIPT

    being the reseller, one major domain registrar, I can reliably say that, LEGITSCRIPT not easy, non-Commercial a private organization, which only deprives inform online users of online pharmacies that sell pills legally, besides, LEGITSCRIPT still own imagined himself as supervisor of registration of domain names!
    LEGITSCRIPT sends domain registrars around the world, letters, demanding an end to the delegation of the domain name if the domain they believe belongs to pharma industry and is illegal in terms of LEGITSCRIPT, organizing their own imagined himself as the controller of all online spaces around the world whether it be Europe or the U.S. asia.
    there is a question :
    - Why LEGITSCRIPT so selflessly seeking to terminate the existence of sites that LEGITSCRIPT unapproved ?
    the answer is obvious - LEGITSCRIPT here has their own interests! and probably the interests LEGITSCRIPT extend quite widely once they try to stop the existence of sites around the world. Otherwise, why LEGITSCRIPT write letters to registrars around the world demanding an end to the delegation of domain, because LEGITSCRIPT expresses himself, I quote "LegitScript LLC is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. LegitScript is the leading Internet pharmacy verification and Internet enforcement service in the United States", stress "in the United States". and then they write "LegitScript was formed with funding from its own staff, and is 100% employee-owned." - funny, have to be so stupid to believe this after such their actions

  6. User picture
    • SecurityMag on Mon 24 May 2010
    • 02:36:02 PM UTC

    I don't trust legitscript.

    I don't trust legitscript. There are fraud alerts about it. And I also vote pharmacychecker.com, the site has real business reputation and cooperation with mayor SE.

    • User picture
      • QuickMan on Mon 24 May 2010
      • 08:28:20 PM UTC

      Problems about

      Pharmacy checker, It's misleading. Right now it does no good.

  7. User picture
    • Retarded Joker on Sun 30 May 2010
    • 06:52:39 PM UTC

    i get a lot!!!!!!!!

    i srsly get a lot of those messages in my hotmail id. in a day iget 7-15 mails. what i do, and others shud do, is that mark it as spam.

  8. User picture
    • JasonNY on Thu 22 Mar 2012
    • 07:47:36 PM UTC

    RE: WOT and LegitScript Partner to Protect Web Users from Rogue

    WOT should be distancing themselves from LegitScript as much as possible. LegitScript fraudulently and covertly registered over a hundred domain names for online pharmas using a single registrar and then turns around and publishes a defamatory paper claiming they (LegitScript) "discovered" that internet.bs is a safehaven for illegal drug pharmacy domain name registration.

  9. User picture
    • rogerknight88 on Tue 27 Mar 2012
    • 05:10:17 AM UTC

    RE: WOT and LegitScript Partner to Protect Web Users from Rogue

    Surely to be a Global pharmacy watchdog you have to approve online pharmacies that come from anywhere on the globe, but it seems that to get approval you have to be from the USA and not from any other part of the globe.Seems very racist and xenophobic to me.