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DeathHunteRThu Jan 15 1970
good site for downloading movies/music/other torrents
shad0vvfaxThu Jan 15 1970
never had a problem with this site. just be smart about what you do and how you do it.
Quality torrent site despite the malicious activities/content. I Recommend it so long as you have anti-viral and safe browsing software.
These guys are generators of fake torrents with viral content. First off? Error messages don't show up as part of the video itself. Secondly; Error messages don't beg you to use a certain video player unless they plan to exploit said player. Third? Nobody in their right mind uses IE, Outlook, or WMP.
Verbreitung von Malware!
Intuitive PersonThu Jan 15 1970
Great site for downloads! As you should know if you actually take long enough to go to the site (anyone who gave it a warning obviously never took the time), you will realize it's user uploaded content. The site doesn't distribute viruses, people trying to disrupt torrenters post them. This site is more than safe to use, and like anything on the net, just scan it after downloading and read the comments to make sure it is safe! Happy, safe browsing!!!
Ahmed1337xThu Jan 15 1970
Very nice site, No malware. Torrents without any virus.
contains adult torrents
mumbles461Thu Jan 15 1970
Good quality site. Lots of nice movies, tv shows, music, applications, games, etc.

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