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This IP classified as dangerous for one or more of the following: * Attackers who try to spy or remotely control others' computers by means such Microsoft remote terminal, SSH, Telnet or shared desktops. * Threats for email servers or users: spiders/bots, account hijacking, etc. * Sites spreading virus, trojans, spyware, etc. or just being used by them to let their authors know that a new computer has been infected. * Threats for servers: exploits, fake identities/agents, DDoS attackers, etc. * Port scans, which are the first step towards more dangerous actions. * Malicious P2P sharers or bad peers who spread malware, inject bad traffic or share fake archives. Classification: SPAMMER reference: BEFORE requesting me to remove my ratings and comment ensure you have the IP REMOVED from the source: DNS: is involved in forum spamming Before asking me to review my comment, get removed from is classified as dangerous, it has been identified through use of: snort sensors, honeypots, and / or mail filters. reference:

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