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croatian yellow pages with lots of bullshit.
Croatian site with fresh news from Croatia and world.
Pile of bullshit on one place , they falsificae online and put it in their online ass called their site! comunists are leaders i think, so they dictate news but ussualy page is common as any ussually common shit newspaper site . Copy !
Nice site with lot of information
Latest news from Croatia and all over the world.
Pile of irrelevant informations, paid PR articles, stupidity, gossip and cheap sensationalism. Ad on top of that bunch of commercials and pop ups. Avoid if you care about your mental hygiene!
rale.djurdanSun Jan 18 1970
Stranica ima mogućnost komentiranja, komentari često puta budu uvredljivi i diskriminirajući. Postoji navodna kontrola, ali samo formalno, administratori djeluju pristrano.

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