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3DS Emulator (eMu3Ds) New version updated! released - 3DS Emulator Update Released! - Doesn't freeze anymore when you try to save - Slight increase of fps - Few minor bugs fixed

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huckleberrypieFri Jan 16 1970
The "emulator" offered looks legit at first glance, but running it will lead to you a shady survey site where they claim to stuff the BIOS file on it. No legitimate emu developer would post links to BIOS images for obvious reasons - what the site did was a dead giveaway to its real intentions.
Untergangers.orgFri Jan 16 1970
Script kiddies.
xxFLYHIGHxxFri Jan 16 1970
Not a legit site.
Fake emulator and surveys virus
Touko FukawaSat Jan 17 1970
Asks you to do surveys to get the emulator. Then again, there aren't any emulators for 8th generation consoles.
Marcos.RuppelSat Jan 17 1970
It is fake. There's no such a thing as 3DS emulators. They mislead people into thinking they can play 3DS on their computers, and then install a bogus program which will try to force them to install a lot of bloatware during the setup, and the emulator itself will not work claiming it needs to be activated by completing a survey. Do not trust this site.
wristycargoSat Jan 17 1970
Not a working emulator. Intended to lure people to do two surveys (after downloading and installing).
Completely fake website misleading thousands of people daily into completing offers for nothing in return.
Lan.HikariSat Jan 17 1970
This is complete crap. The emulator is not an emulator at all. This site is fake.
BaumwollschafFri Jan 16 1970
Look at: It's a survey page.

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