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4Neurons site, home of Analogue Alarm Clock, Shutdown Screensaver, Analogue Vista Clock, 4Neurons Eraser, Fullscreen Photo Viewer, Magnifying Glass and more.

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delistado según
Good site. The listing on a blacklist(s) by some companies was a false positive and it has been confirmed and removed soon after discovering an error.
DrunkenHyenaFri Jan 16 1970
A reputable company that was mistakenly tagged with a false positive.
The owner of this website has been a well-respected member of the ASP (Association of Software Professionals) since 2007, and any reports of malware or anything else negative are just not credible. The reputation of the whole WOT service is being seriously damaged by these blatantly false reports!
This is a good site run by a reputable owner that serves up perfectly safe products. How WOT ever determined this site was risky is a mystery.

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