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antivirus45Fri Jan 16 1970
Fucking screamers >:( it scared the shit outta me.
This site has a big scaring face with a very loud screaming voice.. its REALLY bad for kids and for the ones with a heart problems..
Contains a flash malware.
Bad jokes
James1011RFri Jan 16 1970
Screamer alert! Do not visit links from this domain.
LegendaryMiceSat Jan 17 1970
IMPORTANT: READ THIS BEFORE ENTERING THE SITE! A scary photo with a very loud sound of screaming. For who has a weak heart, is a very big shock and there are risks to death. Also is very unsuitable for children, there are porn links which are virused so you may destroy your childhood and your computer.
god damn screamer
Baraka ObamaFri Jan 16 1970
I neigh like a fool :D Seriously. I personally funny .. I laughed as the last pissed goof :D
CarcinogenFri Jan 16 1970
Useless, but fun to prank people with!

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