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It's like a zoo full of vendors, some of whom are good, others bad. They do have a way to get refunds if there are problems, but it's very time-consuming and can take weeks!
Franky PriestSun Jan 18 1970
Site is cool, but sellers can steal money from you. The plus is you can do refund, but will you prove you're right, or will not, depends on luck.
imratingitSun Jan 18 1970
Be careful, don't buy from sellers with rating under 97-98 percents. Since 2017, Aliexpress dispute often forces you to send back the item to China, even though you didn't choose to. And then you're blocked and have to enter a tracking link or loose all your money. Prefer Ebay and PayPal when possible for expensive items!
Too many low quality goods. Hard to get a refund. Better to use eBay.
Удобный сайт, частенько пользуюсь этим магазином. Качество купленных вещей как правило соответствует стоимости. Рекомендую
Lukachevskiy AlexeiSun Jan 18 1970
Лично я не доверяю этому сайту, уже не раз слышал, что после заказанного товара приходит совершенно не то, что заказывали, лучше в своих интернет-магазинах заказывать, хоть не будет таких проблем с возвратом товаров
Kaleb.TruongSun Jan 18 1970
fake goods. this website drives fakes goods to commerce
always buy form this site until this moment but i had funny story happen with some one seller of this site after i bought the phone he just tracking me and tracking me until i just sold the phone then finished . Steven.
nothing bad to say, still have exactly what I ordered
A little difficult to find what I was looking for, additionally be careful of counterfeit goods! If you use this site right however, it can be a great place to find items at discount prices (shipping takes a while though)

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