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Reviews are totally biased. Software vendors are contacted and asked to pay if they want a top spot.
Emperor DariusThu Jan 15 1970
Useless reviews made by unexperienced users, completely useless
Inaccurate reviews. Disregard any advice from this site.
Promotes software with affiliate relation as "top". View section 3.2.1 of the following report: Also, they have a history of reviewing at least one known rogue (fake) security application. There's no excuse for offering crooks ad space in what claims to legit review site.
Advertises bad products
franklin.online2006Thu Jan 15 1970
Fae reviews dont listen to these "reviews"
According to Dancho Danchev's Independent Security Blog this site sells fake internet security software.
Freeman206Thu Jan 15 1970
Propose WinAntivirus, Rogue.
Soultaker51Thu Jan 15 1970
Funny how the the top ten are the top losers in reality.
Подозрительный сайт, похоже что собирает для чего то информацию

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