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sebsauvageThu Jan 15 1970
Violates the licence of ffmpeg. See:
Norton says this site is safe also but, I got a botnet from it (I'm pretty sure it was this site.). It erased all my Windows backups and continually made Windows Internet Explorer the default browser (over Firefox). You may want to check this site out again.
ne respecte pas la licence ffmpeg
vraiment pas idéal pour les personnes atteintes de daltonisme
The 'Freecorder' application is spyware. Read the EULA. It as much as says the program is spyware. During installation of 'Freecorder' if you decide to click to read the terms/EULA you will be redirected to a website called 'ZugoSearch' which has a terrible WOT rating. Here's a link to the EULA for 'Freecorder' on 'ZugoSearch'. Beware.
WOT Firefox Add-on UserThu Jan 15 1970
The software download Freecorder contains malware PUA.Packed.ASPack (ClamAV)
petriwstanFri Jan 16 1970
Added opencandy adware while downloading
After my web page changed by itself as soon as I downloaded one of their music capture software I put two and two together and figured out that it was probably this company. It took me four hours to battle it and the system restore feature was erased so that I couldn't use it. It turned my antivirus program off and had to be erased from about four other places until I turned the computer off, stuck an antivirus recovery cd in D drive. I don't ever want to use any of their products again.
Distributes crapware
software contains viruses. It will ruin your computer!!! Stop giving this website positive rating!

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