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J Scott DavidsonThu Jan 15 1970
One of the finest sites of it's kind. Homebrew embedded electronics, robotics, kinetic art. Fantastic. I wouldn't know what to do with out this site.
cool site, lots of useful information.
Isn´t OpenSource great ?!
Great site for everyone who starts with electronics
Loads of useful information, great resource in the open-source hardware community and a very friendly introduction to working with microcontrollers.
thelivingdedThu Jan 15 1970
Absolutely wonderful site, and program. Open source, easy to use electronics? Sign me up.
one of the few sites i'm constantly checking out. i got back to embedded programming after finding out about arduino.
Good Site foe Elctronics...!
I find this website useful and informatief.
Site offers large variety of Arduino processors and shields.

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