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morehate4uallFri Jan 16 1970
The best Arma resource site online , my fav site
antiprotestantFri Jan 16 1970
Admins and moderators have bad tendencies to move any posted questions to irrelevant forums or delete them entirely. This has been a problem on almost 50% of their posts. If you happen to have a question and need it posted, expect the thread to be locked and a notice to "use the search function" will be posted. Their search function is terrible and only queries the database for a word match, resulting in hundreds of links to irrelevant data posted in the forums. If you have a discrepancy with any staff, they will be unwilling to listen to your opinion and make sarcastic responses to your legitimate question or problem. Shame on the administration staff of!
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Моды для arma 3. Умеренно кол-во рекламы. Хорошее описание ко всем модам

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