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goodpaster1Thu Jan 15 1970
Bought and sold guns there.
This is a great site and yet a bunch of liberal gun haters give it a bad rating for no reason other than they don't like guns. Remember - The right to bear arms shall not be infringed....... - but then these same people don't believe in the Constitution anymore.
target4cactusThu Jan 15 1970
Legitimate site for selling and buying firearms. There is a terms of service that those under the age of 18 should not enter the site, and you have to click that you are 18 or over to actually enter.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with this website. It allows firearms enthusiasts a place to buy, sell, and trade their firearms in accordance with all applicable laws. It is not a place where one can buy a firearm via the internet and have it delivered straight to one's home. All firearms sales must still go through an FFL. I have observed that many firearms sites are receiving poor WOT ratings because others simply disapprove of the them and not because the site uses malicious software or is dangerous to your computer, credit rating, or email in-box.
Cheeki.BreekiSat Jan 17 1970
The craigslist of firearms! what's not to like.

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