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FAKE trust seal issuer
Alfred LeGrangeThu Jan 15 1970
DO NOT USE THIS SITE! IT PLACED A TROJAN DOWNLOADER ON MY SITE and had it not been for some clever defense, it would have never been removed. You will find it almost impossible to remove the code from your admin or html page. Again don't be taken in by the owner's BS! This site is malicious in everyway! Viruses, viruses,viruses and I hope you get the picture.
submitdirectThu Jan 15 1970
When you visit the site, it automaticlay downlaods a virus.
PixelboxdesignThu Jan 15 1970
I don't see any harm with this site at all
G. William Mc DonaldThu Jan 15 1970
I am the owner of this virus clean site. I don't know who made that virus comment but it is in error and inaccurate.
G. William Mc DonaldThu Jan 15 1970
I am the owner of this site and am challenging the "FAKE" trust seal comment which was made on 7/24/2010.
Most safe site logo issuers perform a check on the safety of the site before issuing the logo. This site provides a safe-site logo for free, that any crook can insert into their page to give the false impression that the site has undergone the usual security check. Although the site owner has good intentions, the implementation is flawed. Do not place strong reliance on any site bearing the "Safe Site" icon with a check mark.
░▒▓█Fri Jan 16 1970
I cannot find malware on this site, but all it seems to do is use Google to look up a site reputation and for custom search.
This web site purports to provide safety ratings on web sites; however, it was caught manipulating the reported rating for Reference:
Site seems safe despite the WOT rating, McAfee and Norton both say it's clean.

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