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Avira Antivirus offers award winning malware protection for your computer. Get the best security software for Windows, iOS and Android and surf the web safely with Avira!

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German AV company of good history, useful free tools.
Gutes deutsches Antivirenprodukt, die Homepage selbst ist Malware frei. Nutze es und habe bis jetzt keine negativen Ereignisse mit dieser Software erlebt. Es außerdem als kostenlose Version die beste von allen. mehr siehe auch:
evilfantasyThu Jan 15 1970
Avira is one of the best free antivirus to date. Very good and highly recommended by many security sites.
Ausser 0900-Servicenummer (1,99€ pro Min. / Mobilfunk abweichend), eine sehr gute und nützliche Seite.
wehaveitallThu Jan 15 1970
Very good virus scanner. It is considered to be if not the best, one of the best according to a recent test done by virus bulletin. See here:
wander-fullThu Jan 15 1970
Este site disponibiliza algumas ferramentas gratis (outras pagas) para remoção de pragas virtuais. Vale destacar o excelente (e freeware) ANTIVIR Personal Edition.
Defender Of SteelThu Jan 15 1970
Guter Virenenscanner zum gratis download und gute datenbank. deutsches Produkt, das ~ 95 % aller Malware erkennt (laut tests)
ReprotectedThu Jan 15 1970
Not a Good customer experience with me, as AntiVir messes around with my Firefox, makes it slow and such, not used to it, but I hear it has one of the best databases around these days...
siferhumenThu Jan 15 1970
Avira AntiVir aaaa this is live people=). the company is well know and is among the world leading internet security company's and among the best there is. i highly recommend Avira AntiVir Free powerful and trustworthy. 100% Safe site. No spyware or virus or other bad guys on the site. //Siferhumen
Very good Antivir!No problem!It kills all viruses!I in full security!

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