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What is the Baha'i Faith and who is Baha'u'llah? We cordially welcome you to visit our site.

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If you have ever read the Bible, and have read the book of Revelations, you will realize that some day in the future, most people will convert to something just like the Baha'i religion. Be informed...
This shouldn't have a poor rating just because someone disagrees with the theology. There is nothing wrong with this website at all.
I also agree that a poor rating shouldn't be given to a site because someone disagrees with it. The Baha'is are very good people and not only believe in Christ, but in all Manifestations of God. Narrow-mindedness is not a criteria for rating another religion.
Sandranorris9Fri Jan 16 1970
If anyone has ever been to the website and read the information with an open mind, even if you didn't agree to it's message, would find that it is a very safe website across board. Safe, good, trustworthy, good information, wheather you agree with the context or not, it's still good information.
Just check out the content & respond honestly.
Dale E. MarxenFri Jan 16 1970
Probably it would be a good idea if with every rating, there be a comment to explain the rating. Then, readers could regard the ratings in the context of the rater's apparent credibility. From some raters, a negative rating would definitely be a positive rating!
So the main questions non-Baha'is might have on seeing this site is, is it the official site of the Baha'i Faith, and is it accurate? (and is there any malware or phishing) It is not the official site, and makes no claim to be. From what I can see, the information seems to be accurate. There does not seem to be any malicious content. A question Baha'is might have on viewing this site is, is it a covenant-breaker site? From what I can see, no. It acknowledges the authority of the House of Justice in Haifa, and contains nothing referring to other "guardians" or other hallmarks of covenant-breaker sites. The website seems to be maintained by an individual or a couple of individuals for the purpose of having a basic informative site up on the .com domain.

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