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absolutionFri Jan 16 1970
The staff is one of the most customer friendly team I had to do with. Maybe the negative comments are driven by forces that don't like to see a seller offering always the best price on the net. All prices include free world wide shipping! Even though shipping can take a long time from China, I always received my goods after patiently waiting. If you are in hurry, spent some extra bucks to buy somewhere else or use their express shipping options.
F756N5JXAK3ND5VYFri Jan 16 1970
Spamming comments on websites, counterfeit goods scam, risk of credit card fraud / PayPal fraud / Western Union fraud, etc.
Try to steal your ID
jasjar1400Thu Jan 15 1970
I have ordered from them they are trusted but slow in shipping تجربة شخصية طلبت منهم وكانو ذو مصداقية
BEWARE! They are not thinking by their heads! Do not understand English! They are inadequate!!! Покупал там несколько раз разные товары. Поддержка не адэкватная сосвесм! То напишут в ордере - отменён, то отправили с частичным рефаундом, То перепутают ответ касательно ордера - пипец просто! Идиоты в сети!
Very good seller, fast delivery, free shipping All prices include free world wide shipping and low prices. I have always good service and customer support from this site.
I purchased 1x Hubsan X4 107C quadcopter, 1x Hubsan X4 107L quadcopter, 1x U wrench (repair tool), 1x spare propellers, 1x spare battery pack of 5. They shipped everything except for the X4 107L and their customer support won't acknowledge that they didn't ship the 107L. I've sent them photographic proof over a week ago and they still continue to insist that the product arrived at my house. I'm glad I paid via paypal since I can at least issue a chargeback even though it's been 20 days since I initiated contact to try to get this issue resolved.
hello my name is meshari everything you read on the comment is a lie i have order 3 orders the first order its not arrive from a year i give a try to second order but this time on tracking number and fast shipping they ship on slow shipping the order number 3 it has been a month now does not arrive this website is a big lie
on vacationSun Jan 18 1970
This scorecard is one of the most manipulated scorecards I've ever seen. They have purchased hundreds of ratings from Chinese microworkers to cover up the fact that their site site sells very poor quality goods, has poor customer service & spams unrelated websites. (200+ accounts banned from this scorecard in 1 day alone!). Do NOT purchase from this website or share any personal info with them.
Very good seller, fast delivery, free shipping and they have a lot a of choice , thank for the customer's services (1 question, fast answer) :)

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