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love this site. tons of talent and creativity in one place.
The service where you are to upload, store and share your portfolios.
great online portfolio site
No ADVERTISING-oriented pop-up will be found on this Webpage; furthermore, the only unobtrusive pop-up ill be that for which new users are encouraged( strongly) to log in or sign up for free. Nearly ALL "advertising" that appears on this Site or Webpage is fully in keeping with the service that it is supposed to provide and promote: presenting or showcasing both salient and hitherto-FULLY-obscure artists' and/or art editors' work(s) and providing a forum for following, discussing, or collecting well as uploading and showcasing one's artwork(Ideally, it*must* be fully original...or otherwise be so well-presented a digestion and synoptic incorporation of properly-credited-and-accredited contributors' work or work collections into one's collection that, with proper footnoting in order to avoid plagiarizing, it appears to be one's genuinely own interpretation of *both* at least another's and one's own work and/or collections *without even appearing to infringe on* another person's or group's honors or credits,privileges, and responsibilities of any sort. Generally this Webpage is highly suitable, informative, and both educational and educationally-enhancing for children; but it will doubtlessly seem best for older girls who are at least a dozen years of age and likewise older boys who are at least ten years of age. Parents of children in that and(/or) any younger age range(s) will need and want to be careful with regard to viewership by the latter of such especially-photographic exhibits or collections as Italian contributing artist - fashion-artist - photographer Emmanuele Ferrari's "Rainy Day Fun"--an unquestionably-spicy(...or even mildly-risque--beware of model's being clad in apparently a cropped tee-shirt-like blouse, bra or bra-top beneath it, and an *almost low-rising "hi-cut-"panty- or bikini-bottom-thin or -narrow pair of short shorts*!) photo-collection whose title at best is only very paradoxically and tangentially linked to the actual thematic or subject matter or at "worst" belies it...and thus may better deserve a title such as "Pool-side- and Wood-side-Playground Fun...". Informative architecturally-thematic photo- or painting-montages and collections such as "Shapelessness"--Harold Condon[*sic*]'s photographic collection of pictures of new museums and other nearly-brand-new structures in Beijing, People's Republic of China--amount to too many dozens to conveniently and concisely list; viewers and readers will be "best" off going to the Site or Webpage to see for themselves the great diversity of goodness and/or beauty presented there.
bastante buen sitio, para esos talentosos editores de videos
nude art
DanZ_in_TNThu Jan 15 1970
JavaScript web bugs for 6 tracking/advertising companies (per NoScript). Good privacy? Trustworthy? See
sergeydonscovFri Jan 16 1970
Отличное сообщество для дизайнеров, разработчиков и художников.
nurcinozturkFri Jan 16 1970
excellent web site. I have very nice graphics
Viki PringlesFri Jan 16 1970
Love it! always makes my mood!

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