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plasticmadnessThu Jan 15 1970 is not responsible for any form of spam! The users are!! The service is indeed used to hide bad links in spam mails, as much as all other url shorteners, HOWEVER, IT'S INDISPENSABLE AND NECESSARY TO SAY THAT BIT.LY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE WAY THEIR CLIENTS USE THE SERVICE! If you received an e-mail with a link that redirected you to malwares sites, the only person to blame is the e-mail sender, who happened to shorten a URL using It's not's fault! The same thing applies for all other URL shortener services. WOT already wrote an article about URL shortener services being used in order to hide bad links in e-mails, but PLEASE what everyone must keep in mind is that such services hold no responsibility for the way people use it. I could post a bad shortened link now here myself if I wanted to, redirecting you all to some malwares site, but that would be MY responsability, not's! URL shorteners are great and useful, and the fact that it's used for scam purpose only means that we should be even more careful about what we click. Saying is responsible for spam is the same thing as saying Gmail is responsible for spam just because someone is using their gmail account in order to send spam. It's just not true. In case you are not registered or familiar with the service, you should know that they have a firefox plug-in which allows the user to foresee the original link and it's content before you even click it, so in case it's a known malware site or even a suspicious link, you have the option not to visit the site. The plug-in also "foresees" the hidden links from all other URL shortener services.
URL Shortening Service. Like all services, can redirect to spam/malicious sites. But the site is generally safe, just like all URL Shortening Services. Some shortened links load a warning first if they were flagged as being dangerous or spammy.
Good for shorten long urls.
This site itself is perfectly harmless to use and was set up with good intentions, but it can be used by scammers to hide their true URLs. WOT is your best protection against these scams.
this_is_a_user_nameThu Jan 15 1970
this website is good but most of the links to it redirect to bad websites, e. g. phishing
great site
moneyballs2Thu Jan 15 1970
The fact this is a URL shortening service means that it is hard to trust, mostly because spam emails would use these shortened URLs to mask their links. However, this site is very useful, but still the links are not reliable as they mask the intended destination, which could be a spam site or a site that automatically downloads a virus. redirects to spam
Good site for url redirection and also for making long web addresses shorter, for example in Twitter. Be aware that it may be used to hide the real address in spam emails.
AnonymizedThu Jan 15 1970
Preview link by appending + to the URL. That is, will preview the page Also, Firefox " preview" add-on allows preview of shortened URL by showing the full URL and page title if you hover over the link. Also works for some other shortened URLs such as To find add-on, search for " preview" on

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