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kdmathisonThu Jan 15 1970
Great place to find awesome deals on a large variety of software.
A great site to find some real application gems for incredible and legitimate vendor sponsored discounts. They do have some really poor offerings which they refuse to take out of circulation, so it's definitely buyer beware. Overall, you will probably find more gems, and overlook the duds.
used to be you signed up for their list to get great discount codes on software. now, you sign up for their list to get an email with a link to a Facebook page that you have to "like" them on to get the deal. no Facebook account, no get deal. still they will hit your mailbox every day. disappointing behavior - too many hoops, and they run fast and furious with your info.
Overall it is a good site, but it does have some issues: -Sometimes purchases do not go through. In some cases this is not evident immediately, given that the customer may receive a confirmation that his/her order is being processed only to find out later that it didn't go through as expected. -They sell or give away software developed by spammers such as Aiseesoft. -They censor comments indicating that vendors such as Aiseesoft are spammers. I was a happy customer until recently. Now I seldom buy software from them and no longer recommend them. I feel very strongly about spammers and companies that support spammers, so for those who only care about saving a few bucks this may not be that relevant.
ByPsychoooThu Jan 15 1970
I dont know but there's an shortcut to this site on my desktop.
Great service and products ... everything is screened for spyware, etc. Very consumer friendly with great support. Check it out!
Site com ofertas de software a baixo custo.
____Dave____Fri Jan 16 1970
Loaded a short-cut onto my desktop without permission. Do not know if it is a virus yet, but I don't like it and my computer has slowed down considerably.
The site has good user support. I have a bunch of desktops, and they were able to hook me up with site/bulk licensing for a couple of different key products I use.
Human, Planet EarthFri Jan 16 1970
Unwanted Spam. Hope the unsubscribe is working.

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