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I've been using putting WOT on customers PC's to keep them from possible infections from bad sites. WOT has become UNTRUSTABLE, because SOME PEOPLE rate a site bad based on it being counter to their OPINION. Rate a site based on Malware and virus infections, and good or bad shopping transactions, but stop Ruining this great tool to push your agenda. BE FAIR, JUST AS YOU WOULD HAVE PEOPLE TREAT YOU.If a site espouses a view you don't agree with don't rate it as a bad site, just because you don't agree with it.
It is my understanding that the Web of Trust website is to be used to identify widespread threats involving SPAM, MALICIOUS (MALWARE) CONTENT, VIRUSES, PHISHING OR OTHER SCAMS, BROWSER EXPLOITATION, ANNOYING ADS OR POPUPS, BAD CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES, SPYWARE OR ADWARE, HATEFUL OR QUESTIONABLE CONTENT, ETHICAL ISSUES, ADULT CONTENT and overall CHILD SAFETY. The threat of “untrustworthy content” is meant for content INVOLVING the items mentioned above. By reading the “About Web of Trust WOT” section on the website one can learn the purpose is WEB SAFETY from purely TECHNICAL SECURITY to helping people find sites that they can actually trust. Unfortunately there are individuals who do not understand that the WOT website is NOT MEANT for CONTRASTING POLITICAL VIEWS and have hijacked WOT for political purposes. If all users were to do the same thing every website involving politics would have the BIG RED CIRCLE attached to them. And that would include the websites of members of Congress, the Supreme Court and even the White House. This is because the American society has so many diverse and often passionate contrasting political views. THIS PRACTICE DIMINISHES THE INTEGRITY AND CREDIBILITY OF THE WOT WEBSITE AND I WISH THE SITE WOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.
This site exposes the left-wing agenda of the "main stream" media. If you are an America-hating marxist it's not the site for you.
Ken ParsonsSat Jan 17 1970
Liberal trolls should just avoid this site. If you are looking for "Fifth Estate" information, this is a great site.
montana_sunriseSat Jan 17 1970
WOT, please remove the opinions, religion, politics; alternative or controversial medicine; and other options because they have nothing to do with things like viruses, tracking, spyware, pornography or the like. People will rate the website negatively simply because it conflicts with their political or religious viewpoints. Other is too encompassing therefore can be used for the same purpose. Your options should fit the reasons people have WOT: "I got a virus/worm on this site," "This site has pornography/inappropriate content/nudity," "animal/human cruelty," "explicit/graphic content". It doesn't matter what faith you follow or what political party you belong to. But the topics I mentioned are of concern to everyone across the board. This is why I installed WOT and I can just as easily uninstall it if I don't see changes.
From the site's "About" section: Conservative News You Can Trust Based in Palm Beach County, BizPac Review is a privately held, for-profit news and opinion website covering news that matters to conservatives throughout Florida and the United States. Our articles and posts are fact-checked and edited, and BizPac Review content is accepted by and listed with Google News. BizPac Review is a major new conservative media outlet that provides an alternative to legacy media in Palm Beach County, Florida and the nation. The site doesn't try to hide its conservative bias towards the news. I don't necessarily agree with their views, but that doesn't make this site unsafe to browse.
This site is an obvious republican attempt to discredit the democratic party where at all possible. Don't believe anything presented herein!
James.LynchSat Jan 17 1970
Basic example of zealots not wanting to hear any other viewpoint.
As is becoming the norm for MyWot, this site is rated as unsatisfactory merely because of the political opinions stated. MyWot is becoming a useless tool for judging websites. MyWot shouldn't be in the business of promoting a certain "PC" political ideology but a tool for warning others about spamming, malware, viruses, scams, etc.
From a technical stand point this site appears trustworthy... Condemning a sight based upon the fact that your views differ from those presented on a website, is in conflict with the original purpose of WOT and compromises the value of WOT ratings. I urge the Admins of WOT to alter their Terms of Use Agreement by prohibiting the use of WOT to make a political statements and to ban users who persist in abusing WOT in such a way.

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