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This weblog service provider deleted some weblogs without any notification. ban user accounts forever, delete some post for their different taste. I was contact them but they refuse my response... reference:
listed on alexa top 500 websites
raiiseghabileThu Jan 15 1970
poor security for password (not using https)
persianviewFri Jan 16 1970
bad customer experience
seawolf_110Thu Jan 15 1970
this site have very wide rang of information such as love,news,sport,...
a free weblog service. brings good support by the way a great filtering (it's almost horrible) contains good contents of memories, love, science, personal experiences and more.
free weblog service . alexa Ranking : 189
peyman2010Thu Jan 15 1970
good site
good contents of memories, science, personal experiences and more, poor security for password.

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