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I like Google. Too many ads, but that's not really an issue; I just have Firefox block most of them.
one of the best site ever
I don't think blogger (google) had the intention of "oh, lets show everyone pornography on our websites!" I'm pretty sure they just made a place for people to make their blogs without having to worry about html coding everything they write. Any site can be classified under any malicious category as long as that's what the user is looking for. So I have to ask what you guys were looking at when you added the comments... gross thoughts have entered my mind... blogger is not responsible for what its customers do. That would be like saying that President-Elect Barack Obama is responsible for that guy who flipped you off on the highway.
evilfantasyThu Jan 15 1970
Google Blogger.
Good site - Blogger
Blog host service.
A great resource to build upon.
matursuksmaThu Jan 15 1970
Domain own by Google the number one search engine on the earth
aravind.pattarThu Jan 15 1970
Good blogger
ParlindunganThu Jan 15 1970
Layanan blog gratis dari blogspot anak perusahaan Google

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