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AdTechMan101Sat Jan 17 1970
If you are looking to get started in online marketing Charles is a true expert. The site is informative with fantastic posts and detailed information. He is a true credit to the IM community. There is no obligation for any of his services and the free information available is valuable, well written and extremely helpful (saved my skin a few times) All I can say is thank you Charles Ngo!
Ankur.RawatSat Jan 17 1970
This is really a great website of a person who actually learned by making number of mistakes. The person is very genuine. The post from the owner always inspires me and never let me give up. I advice to all those people who rated this site as spam to do proper research. If you don't agree with the earnings by the person than drop him an email and simply ask for proof but don't give any non sense comments without proper analysis. Thank You, Ankur
Charles shares good content over Facebook. I'm following him for more than 3 months now and I really love his productivity hacks and the way he interact with audience. His website is trustworthy and he is a great guy to follow
This Website provides the most Great and advanced tutorials , Tips and tricks in the online Industry that have a high value. this type of info shared by Charles on his website or FB page are FREE and that a lot of Gurus know and hide from people like us This website/ owner is a pure goldmine , I learned a lot of things from him
Great site & content. This guy did a speech at a marketing meetup I attended in London and was the top speaker at the whole event by far. Valuable, inspiring information for anyone looking to get into affiliate marketing.
0b3yth3d0nk3ySat Jan 17 1970
Charles delivers solid affiliate marketing advice, and this is THE premier blog devoted to affiliate marketing in the entire industry. Spend more than 5 minutes on this site, actually read the articles, and you will know that this is neither "get rich quick", nor is it a scam. Charles' experience is exceptional, but when you read his in-depth articles, read his Facebook posts, and spend time with the content you realize that he goes much further in-depth than any other affiliate marketer in the space. And all this *for free*. To call scammy or misleading is a dishonest assessment. The value Charles delivers is exceptional in this space. I encourage anyone interested in starting an affiliate marketing business to start with
Charles Ngo is the most trusted person in online marketing. His website is not a get quick rich scheme. If you read his blog you will see all the struggles and the hard work behind a successful person. His blog offers the most solid advice for online marketing and life in general. Is clear enough that the person that has left a negative review hasn't the minimal idea of Charles blog. I recommend it to read only 1 or 2 blog posts from Charles to see that he is really very genuine. Thank you Visi
faderpeterSat Jan 17 1970
My experience with the site has been awesome. Charles Ngo is a super affiliate who helps out people like me that are struggling to make money online. He has exclusive information on how to go from making no money to whatever amount we want. Though it all depends on us as well. It been a great addition to my life
donovanmixSat Jan 17 1970 defitely is one of the best place to learn about Affliate Marketing especially for newbie like me. I get so much of free useful information about tips on improving my productivity and how to run better paid ads. Personally, I feel there is not much guru out there who willing to share so much to us. I highly recommend anyone who want to do better in Affiliate Marketing should visit this website.
kulwantnagiSat Jan 17 1970
What I have learnt in affiliate marketing is all because of awesome tips given by Charles.

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