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These guys harp on being able to give websites the power to know in real-time what you are doing between the clicks: How long you've been engaged; If you are reading, writing, or idle; How far you’ve scrolled down; And where you live, so they can talk to you "like they know you... because now they do". Too much mining of our activities here. Instead of waiting for users to click on content they want to know if you've paused to read so they can push marketing at you based on whatever is in front of you. And if you've paused too long maybe they'll blast you with whatever they think get's your attention because heck... the webpage you're on is theirs right! Not even close to being a friendly site for children or adults. Just too creeepy!
FIRST: I want to start off by saying those of you who report this site as "Malware or Viruses" are *ABUSING WOT* Nothing in your comments even support this fact, when in fact it is not true at all, and you know it! SECOND: On to my review that actually follows the guidelines: This website has it's pros and cons. Pros: You're not at any real risk of danger. The site gathers detailed information about your browsing habits. The web-master/designers of a website can then use this data to tailor the website to best accommodate those who visit the site. (Example if half the visitors use mobile devices in Russia, and half use Firefox in America, a website can be designed to fit both platforms and provide English and Russian versions of the site.) Cons: Some of those Pros can also be viewed as cons. While the service does not collect any personal data about you, it does collect *very detailed* data on your browsing habits on the page. Some people might not want anyone to know how long they read something, their general region, or how far they've scrolled down on a page... ...but again, it's just browsing habits being collected. No real personal information is gathered. They're not getting your address, not even your state. And they're certainly not getting your name or anything personal. Yes, they get detailed browsing habits on a site that uses this website's service, but you're in terms of Privacy, you're not really giving away much. I see a several people making a mountain out of a mole-hill with this service. Final result, this site/service is NOT a real privacy risk, and other than allowing web-developers to tailor their sites to give users a better experience, (What else do you think they're going to do with the information?) it poses no threat. SAFE
Pyrus communisThu Jan 15 1970
found on security-blacklist!
Tracking site
A tracker should NOT get a good rating, however, that's my opinion.
all thumbsSat Jan 17 1970
i came upon this site at (a baseball site) when a link didn't work. NoScript identified one of trackers on the page as, and chartbeat appears to be a mandatory "allow" in order for the link to work. i think i'll pass. if the choice is allow and get the link or nothing, then i'll take nothing.
Web bugs originating from site.
AlainG80..Sat Jan 17 1970
As a user you can block it, similar results for webmasters can be achieved analyzing logfiles using: awstats/webalizer/insert custom script: Competes with google analytics/trends etc.
I have used this site and found the contents useful and informative.
I have to mark it down after seeing the TRUSTe rating. Blocked!

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