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CHASE Bank provides credit cards, mortgage, commercial banking, auto loans, investing and retirement planning, checking, student loans, and business banking. Chase what matters!

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lostforawhileThu Jan 15 1970
very bad customer service after they bought out my bank Wamu, they appear to be trying to get rid of the Wamu customers who had free checking, they can't do it legally,so they give terrible service to them hoping they leave. DO NOT use this bank if you like your money. They also manipulate deposits and credits, and hold deposits at random, to maximize fees. Bank of America is being sued for this, Chase you're next!! when speaking to a customer, a supervisor should never utter the words "whatever!!, are you finished yet I'm busy!" just one example.
ryanhasselmeierThu Jan 15 1970
Avoid letting any vendor or service provider have direct debit authorization to your account. Chase will crucify you with fees if any error is ever made. They love their fees.... just remember they just recently send out updates re-disclosing fees (or a fee hike).... have used them for years but feel it is time to go elsewhere....
They have a D rating with the Better Business Bureau and they earned it! They did not stand behind their debit card fraud protection. Have spent over 4 hours on the phone explaining over and over again what happened only to have call transferred to another "customer service" rep who knows nothing and can not help or to be mysteriously disconnected and thus starting the meri-go-round all over again. I have explained the problem to at least 18 people from Chase in the last week. Not only will they not remove charges made fraudulently go my account they charged $196 in overdraft fees they will not waive. We filed police report and did everything they asked. Worst "customer service" experience I have ever had bar none.
2nd time- site freezes up my PC after signing out and clicking on Chase logo.
worst bank ever
Poor customer service when freezes up my PC after signing, this is a phishing attempt.
I like CHASE in general, their site is secure and easy to use, they have always resolved problems very quickly.
This is the official site of Chase Bank.
I have never had such problems with any bank as I do with this bank. A couple of months ago I got a letter from my local tax office stating my taxes had not been paid in MONTHS! Chase had nothing to offer me as a reason for not paying my taxes when there was more than enough money in my escrow acct. One other time they charged my mortgage twice to my checking acct. and I had to pay the fees! Sweet huh? They could'nt tell me why that happened either! And now because I have a new PC I'm having to go through a big hassle with so I get the mortgage paid!
stephenresnickThu Jan 15 1970
This is a phishing attempt; it looks legitimate, but is not. I verified it at

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