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SpammyScamHunterSat Jan 17 1970
Scam domain A fake premium movie entertainment website that only offers garbage movies.
This is yet another online streaming site that posts fake videos on youtube that point to their site. These sites mostly attempt to place a stealth charge on the unsuspecting mark's credit card by charging to cancel a "free" trial subscription or by automatically charging for a subscription. Avoid this fraudulent site.
I fell for cinematrix, a straightforward scam. I signed up for the "free trial" while searching for a rated but little-known 2016 Italian movie. The cinematrix welcome email claimed "At the end of the trial your account will automatically turn into a premium account and will be charged the price set for your country." I was also immediately emailed by "Thank you for registering for a FREE trial on!" I'd never done so, or heard of serpens, which posts no return email address. The amounts taken from both scams were small but for safety I had to replace the credit card. Needless to say: no movie.

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