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Great site for info cheap travel, esp. lodging. Info input from multiple countries and folks who like to "travel on the cheap", especially backpackers and those who don't want luxury because they prefer saving money and seeing and doing more when they travel
kenilchattieroSat Jan 17 1970
What CS should do to improve: - Please make the inbox like before (categorized couchrequests: "no"; "yes", "maybe" section.  - Order events by date/popularity - Bring back the features: Geolocation couchsurfers on profile Friendship types (good friend, acquaintance, etc) -- C$ Corporation  Couchsurfing was builded up by volunteers full of energy knowing that it was a non-profit organization. Thanks to those volunteers (me included) cs become really popular.  Casey Fenton (the founder, which always stated that cs would never be a corporate) sold it for one million dollars and it's now a for profit corporation.  When CS was a non-profit, I was volunteering a lot, spending a lot of time, energy and money. I was doing it for a non-profit community. If I knew it would have been a corporate I would not have done it. Censorship and manipulation The discussions that are not welcome to cs executives get deleted or hidden by moving them in the bottom of the list.  Be Welcome and Warm Showers, are real no-profit communities.
This site turned in to a business model that many of the volunteres don't agree with. It was supposed to be a not profit, but well not it is for profit and many of the reliablity stuffs promised failled. Sad to see this.
le couchsurfing, une philosophie avant d'être quoi que ce soit d'autre!
listed on "best of the web 2.0" websites list
Very useful website! i have found some great people on it!
one of the best things the internet came up with so far...
dormouse_aSat Jan 17 1970
Просто прекрасный сайт! Отели стоят очень дорого, а сейчас можно найти здесь проживание у замечательных людей, познакомиться, пообщаться, погрузиться в местные традиции и узнать обычаи, найти новых друзей, потренировать свой английский!
Sweet2kill210Sat Jan 17 1970
The other comments being left about this website seem to be from people that help run or support the site. It is clearly a scam and I am glad I checked the scorecard.
I subscribed here and got a bill - during the subsribing process was no hint of a fee.based service. This is, at least in Germany , illegal. Beim Einschreiben kommt kein Hinweis, dass die Mitgliedschaft/Eintragung kostenpflichtig ist, es kommt dann eine Rechnung per Mail.- Das ist Illegal.

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