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ubuwalker31Thu Jan 15 1970
while some parts of this site are child safe, many are not, including the "best of" craigslist posts
mirzmasterThu Jan 15 1970
Easily accessible adult content.
Question me? Check the 'erotic' section under services.
A lot of thrash, un moderated
Some Craigslist posts are phishy. The Craigslist posters will scam, spam, and give you viruses through false Job postings and fake email links.
bendulay777Thu Jan 15 1970
Yeah, agreed. Much of the content on Craig's list are unsafe and not for children.
There are quite a few honest people selling things, but there are also quite a few dangerous things going on as well. There's also quite a bit of adult content, and a lot of scams.
SCVroker7253Thu Jan 15 1970
Can be useful but you have to be careful with scammers.
GT_LV_NevadaThu Jan 15 1970
lot of adds for prostitutes and adult contact don't know how trustful this site is for advertising and selling things
CaptainCheeseBurgerThu Jan 15 1970
You best be prepared for a bunch of spam e-mails.

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