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P2P Torrent site that at one time was the best. It's still a good site if you can put up with the extremely annoying pop ups & pop unders that arrived after the rebirth of the site.
Site-raterSun Jan 18 1970
Torrent site that specializes in illegally copied content. Blacklisted by hpHosts (see above).
mvpparrack1Sun Jan 18 1970
FAKE SITE !!! You have been warned. "" is the real site, it has been shut down. IS NOT DEMONIOD !!!! Check "" to varify. All this possitive crab people are writting is FAKE.
cantdrive85Sun Jan 18 1970
Coming back to what it was, it is the actual site, not a copy. There is much suspicious, though. In particular, "Your Internet Provider is tracking your torrent activity!" is simply a false claim to sell malware VPN software. Look up how copyright complaints work. It's not your ISP. Your ISP simply responds to a complaint by a copyright owner about an IP address. They don't tell them who you are, and don't do anything until you have multiple complaints against your account. At any rate, the statement is false to try and get financial consideration, which is the definition of fraud.

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